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Cyber Resilience | Daisuke Miyamoto Laboratory


Cyber Resilience

日付:2021年7月23日 / カテゴリー:授業

This lecture introduced both security and resilience mechanisms for the threat landscape, including social engineering, malware, remote exploitation, Denial of Service, and Web showing the demonstration. In this fiscal year, Dr. Delwar from NAIST provided Deep Learning-based cybersecurity for CAN-bus in vehicles. In the last session of the lecture, all the students played Kaspersky Interactive Protection Simulation, an online game of incident response. The overview is as follows.

Cyber threats became a severe issue to our IT society, and countermeasures against them are necessary. In this lecture, we will consider cyber resilience, which is to mitigate cyber threats and recovery after attacks. We will briefly review cyber threats with the concept of the cyber kill-chain, technology, regulations, and international standards. We then look inside of the effectiveness and ineffectiveness of the countermeasures. The format of the class is lecturing. The basic knowledge of information systems and network protocols such as TCP/IP will help to understand.